Protect data integrity and ensure business continuity after a cyber attack.

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The Distributive Advantage

Sollensys is the first Distributive Data company. Our security solutions help businesses across the country meet the growing challenges of cybercrime. The heart of Sollensys is our Double Blockchain Technology, which ensures our customer’s data is easily accessible and has not been altered.


Unlike other systems, both data and keys are encrypted.


Your information is fragmented into millions of unrecognizable bits.


Fragmented files are distributed across thousands of nodes and two separate networks.

Don’t let business success be disrupted by ransomware attacks.

The Blockchain Archive Server™ ensures business continuity and data integrity in the event of a ransomware attack.

Customer Success Stories

The peace of mind that comes with knowing that I am protecting my team and their livelihoods, as well as my guests… it was absolutely a no-brainer to implement the BAS.

Chris Caprio, Ashley Furniture

The ability to avoid business interruption and ensure a safe archive of sensitive client data was more than worth the investment in the BAS.

Jason Shye, Precision Companies

We’d already put a lot of cyber security tactics in place, but we had nothing like the BAS, now we feel a lot better in protecting our patients and our business.

Laura Joslin, Ability Plus Therapy

Ransomware Guides

How to Mitigate
Ransomware Disruptions

In this ransomware guide the Sollensys
team lays out a brief overview of
how a ransomware attack occurs.

The Definitive Guide
To Surviving an Attack

In this ransomware guide the Sollensys
team breaks down the essential steps
to surviving a ransomware attack.


Say Goodbye to Ransomware Disruptions

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