The Blockchain Archive ServerTM

Eliminate ransomware disruptions.

A turn-key solution that can stand alone or seamlessly integrate into an existing data infrastructure to quickly recover from a cyber attack.

Ransomware is a growing threat.

42% of companies

Suffered ransomware attempts within the last twelve months.

$84k average direct cost

Indirect cost from downtime & reputational harm average $713K.


The Distributive Advantage

The Blockchain Archive Server encrypts, fragments & distributes data across hundreds of secure nodes everyday, which makes it virtually impossible for hackers to compromise.

Never let your data be held hostage.



Unlike other systems both data & keys are encrypted.


Your information is then fragmented into millions of unrecognizable bits.


Across hundreds of nodes & two separate networks. 


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Sollensys Corp is a U.S. based team of academics, PhDs & industry experts with decades of data security management experience.

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