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Double Blockchain Protection

Sollensys is the best defense against the devastating financial loss caused by ransomware, and the only major provider of this emerging technology.


We are industry experts and visionaries with decades of experience.

 We understand that cyber security is one of the biggest threats to our way of life. Destabilization, financial loss, data leaks, and corporate espionage create ripple effects that can be devastating. We are constantly reimagining technology to create a safer, better world to safeguard your infrastructure, prevent disruptions to industry, and protect your personal health, wealth, and well-being.

Our Leadership Team


Don Beavers

President & CEO

Don is a database and blockchain applications specialist. He has pursued aerospace and defense projects and was the Educational Coordinator/Facility Lead for the Space Coast FabLab in association with MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms.

Don is known for his burning desire to solve the unsolvable. Since the development of his first line of GPU computers, rivaling popular CPU models for efficiency, cost and power, to creating our his GPU Operating System “PSOS,” Don has always pushed the boundaries of technology using math and science to tackle the impossible. With decades of technology and leadership experience that share deep roots in honesty, integrity, hard work, and a desire to ask the question “why.”


Tony Motto

Chief Operating Officer

Tony is a seasoned technologist whose career spans over forty years, starting in the late 1970s with Intel Corporation. Throughout the majority of his career in leadership positions, Tony has focused on embedded computing and operating systems in what we call the Internet of Things (IoT) today. He has been a key member of VMWare, Inc. for the past twelve years, focusing on aiding large, global clients in achieving their business goals through their IT initiatives. Tony has a passion for all things technology – especially if it is used to make the world a better place.


Matt Helmintoller

VP Sales & Marketing

Matt is a business strategist and connector. He has over two decades’ experience in sales, sales management, leadership and public communications. He is the President of Legacy Angel Network and our National Sales Manager for Sollensys.

His current projects continue to involve connecting Sollensys with growth opportunities through sales, marketing, and strategic relationships. His network has funded four companies in the last two years with close to 6 million dollars while also consulting with companies to help them succeed. He is excited to be a part of the Sollensys team.

Our Advisory Board


Anthony Nolte


Tony currently serves as CFO and General Counsel for an Austin based fintech company. Prior roles include working with retail franchisees on rapid expansion and he served as Head of Finance and Legal early in his career. He spent over 25 years with Shell, holding roles as CFO, Treasurer, Controller, FP&A Manager, M&A Consultant and Attorney. Additionally, Tony serves on the boards of start-up companies in SaaS, cyber security and commercial products. Tony has significant leadership experience with non-profit organizations as well.

Sue Larew


Sue is a business advisor with over four decades in banking. She spent most of
her career with Bank of America as Senior Vice President leading 78 banks with 1,050 employees, directing all sales and operations. She participated in eleven mergers and acquisitions. She also served at Bessemer Trust as Senior Vice President and First Interstate Bank as Vice President.


Ed Moore


Ed has been dedicated to helping others succeed. He began in 1986 as a financial advisor, continuing in that capacity through 2020. His aim has always been to help individuals and businesses maximize their financial success. Initially, Ed started with Waddell and Reed, a nationwide financial planning and investment management firm. In 1990, he was fortunate enough to join Ric Edelman of Edelman Financial Services as the firm’s sixth employee. By 1995 he was named President of the firm. Ed was to thank for the firm’s organic growth. During his time there, he navigated various ownership structures while training and leading financial planners. He also served on the Executive and Investment committees, and the Board of Directors.


Patricia Malone


Patricia is a dynamic sales professional with a demonstrated track record of achieving results through exceptional customer relationship management. She possesses strong technical skills, and a comprehensive understanding of the complex challenges facing the customer. Her strong business acumen and ability to navigate at all levels of the organization make her an excellent communicator who is able to rapidly assimilate the customer’s needs, articulate, and deliver solutions. She utilizes her strong negotiation skills and is committed to delivering the best product at the right price.


Tabitha Kriegh


Tabitha is an accomplished Electrical Engineer with experience in Systems Engineering and Corporate Innovation and Culture Curation. She spoke on behalf of Northrop Grumman’s Innovation CoE at the New York Maker Faire,
“Nimble and Creative: Space to Make in the Workplace.” She led the movement at Florida Institute of Technology to found and open the Space Coast FabLab, a community nonprofit, which focused on STEM education, before joining Northrop Grumman. There she worked as an engineer in Manned Aircraft Design at
Northrop Grumman and led the opening of the Melbourne Northrop Grumman FabLab.

Kristen Leverett_Sollensys_Board_Member

Kristen Leverett


Kristen is an accomplished global sales professional specializing in media and entertainment, big pharmaceuticals, and multi-national delivery services companies. He has a keen focus with building synergies and executing on strategy.

Dale Turner


Senior level banking executive with extensive background in retail banking, lending and operations, with an emphasis on corporate strategic planning, personnel management, credit risk, enterprise risk management, product development, and consumer regulatory compliance. He boasts over 15 years’ experience in developing and implementing competitive performance strategies for banks and credit unions. He possesses exceptional organizational, analytical, and managerial skills on an executive level with a proven track record increasing customer acquisition, improving customer service and experience, driving profitability, while expanding market share.


Luis Alvarez


Luis is a results-driven Executive Manager in multiple areas: R&D Engineering, Operations, Manufacturing, Business Development, customer relations, and project management. He has strong experience in multiple markets, regulated industries, and technologies including: Optical LIDAR Self Driving Autonomous Vehicles technology, AI artificial intelligence, auto industry, medical equipment, Optical, RF, IoT, industrial automation, embedded rugged computers, commercial, military, aerospace, medical ITAR,  and telecommunication.

Daniel Kirk, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Daniel R. Kirk, is a professor of Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences with specific research interests in air-breathing and rocket propulsion, experimental and computational fluid dynamics, and advanced and additive manufacturing for existing and new aerospace applications. He has produced over 80 conference and journal publications, served as a visiting scholar at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and NASA Kennedy Space Center and has managed research projects with NASA, the United States Air Force and the Office of Naval Research.


Dr. Victor Vargas


Victor M. Vargas, MD is a Board Certified Family Medicine physician with extensive medical experience. He enlisted in the US Navy Reserve, serving for eleven years as a Navy Corpsman prior to attending medical school. During his residency program, he was commissioned into the US Air Force. He later transferred to Patrick Air Force Base. There, he earned his Aerospace Medicine certification. He also served as a Pararescue Flight Surgeon, assigned to a Combat Search and Rescue Unit. Dr. Vargas retired at the rank of Major, after 23 years of service.
In addition to his extensive military career, Dr. Vargas is an experienced certified physician executive with 8 years of experience in the hospital setting. He’s is a natural leader with a track record of improving the delivery of physician care through standardization.

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Sollensys Corp. is one of the leaders in commercial blockchain applications. As we continue to introduce new and disruptive technologies, such as our Blockchain Archive Server™, our goal is to achieve clarity through online education and frequent communication with clients and shareholders. We are publicly traded under the symbol SOLS.

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