Protect data integrity & ensure business continuity after a cyber attack.

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The Distributive Advantage

Sollensys is the first Distributive Data Company. Our security solutions help businesses across the country meet the growing challenges of cyber-crime. The heart of Sollensys is our Double Blockchain Technology, that ensures our customer’s data is easily accessible & hasn’t been altered.


Unlike other systems both data & keys are encrypted.


Your information is fragmented into millions of unrecognizable bits.


Across thousands of nodes & two separate networks.

Don’t let business success be disrupted by ransomware attacks.

The Blockchain Archive Server™ ensures business continuity & data integrity in the event of a ransomware attack.

Customer Success Stories

For the money I spent, to have that peace of mind in protecting my team & their livelihoods as well as my guests, it was absolutely a no-brainer.

Chris Caprio, Ashley Furniture

The ability to avoid business interruption & ensure a safe archive of sensitive client data was more than worth the investment in the BAS.

Jason Shye, Precision Companies

We’d already put a lot of cybersecurity tactics in place, but we had nothing like the BAS, now we feel a lot better in protecting our patients & our business.

Laura Joslin, Ability Plus Therapy Clinics

Ransomware Guides

How To Mitigate
Ransomware Disruptions.

In this ransomware guide, the Sollensys team gives you a brief overview of how a ransomware attack occurs.

The Definitive Guide
To Surviving An Attack.

In this ransomware guide, the Sollensys team breaks down the essential steps to surviving a ransomware attack.

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