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Industrial sector attacks are often among the most expensive, both in terms of the ransom demanded and remediation efforts. In fact, in 2019 industrial companies paid 62% of the ransom demanded by cyber criminals, yet only represented 18% of the victims.

No company is safe from ransomware, even the smaller organizations that constitute the majority of the industrial sector.

In addition to the loss and theft of data, new, evolving ransomware versions which target industrial control systems can kill critical software processes before revoking system access. In March 2019, a power and metals producer experienced an attack that disrupted their business process management system leading to:

Jason Shye of Precision Companies knows these risks all too well, having suffered malware, ransomware, and denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks throughout his career. Industrial sector companies like Jason’s often hold very sensitive client data which must be archived securely off-site. Additionally, many companies like Jason’s exist in mission critical spaces, where downtime is expensive and dangerous. The growing risk of attack led Jason to invest in the Sollensys Blockchain Archive Server (BAS) as part of the company’s cyber security strategy.


The decentralized nature of the BAS, where no single node handles all of the encrypted backup data, is an added layer of comfort for both Jason and his clients. Additionally, if an attacker manages to compromise Precision servers, the BAS and the data it handles are not affected, as it exists as a separate system. 

“The ability to avoid business interruption and ensure a safe archive of sensitive client data was more than worth the investment in the BAS.” – Jason Shye, Precision Companies 

Don’t let business success be disrupted by ransomware attacks.

The Blockchain Archive Server ensures business continuity and data integrity in the event of a ransomware attack.

Customer Success Stories

The peace of mind that comes with knowing that I am protecting my team and their livelihoods, as well as my guests… it was absolutely a no-brainer to implement the BAS.

Chris Caprio, Ashley Furniture

The ability to avoid business interruption and ensure a safe archive of sensitive client data was more than worth the investment in the BAS.

Jason Shye, Precision Companies

We’d already put a lot of cyber security tactics in place, but we had nothing like the BAS, now we feel a lot better in protecting our patients and our business.

Laura Joslin, Ability Plus Therapy Clinics


Say Goodbye to Ransomware Disruptions