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Sollensys Corp Advisory Board Spotlight: Patricia Malone

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Meet Sollensys Corp™ Board Advisor, Patricia Malone - Networking, Security & Automation Sales Specialist for VMware.

A Passion for Disruptive Innovation

Trisha is a creative who thrives on working with people. She began her career as an inside sales representative at Sun Microsystems, where she learned to be a leader that consistently seeks innovation and disruption over the status quo. 

Trisha found her niche as a sales professional in information technology where she was able to combine her love for collaboration and problem solving with her talent for math and science. This unique combination of skills propelled Trisha into a sales leadership role where she excelled at building teams by leading from behind.      

Trisha is best at elevating people to higher levels of performance. Trisha puts the team first. She is all-inclusive and brings out the very best in people.  Having worked with her on a global account, I can honestly say she is the best in the business at what she does.

Tony Motto, Former Co-Worker and COO of Sollensys Corp

At Sun, Trisha learned “it’s all about the customer – not me, everything else follows.  You have to get in the trenches with them, help them reach their goals; then, it’s not about sales, it’s about solving problems and achieving goals together.”  Her talent was evident from day one at Sun Microsystems.  In fact, Trisha completed a comprehensive plan to take her from inside sales to the field in just two years.

Trisha’s focus at Sun was primarily on hardware sales which she enjoyed but she didn’t discover her real passion until she was recruited by Oracle to sell software because, as she puts it, “software is where the magic happens.”   

At Oracle, Trisha drove commercial technology license sales and coordinated service as a Fusion Middleware Sales Representative where she really elevated her software sales skills.  In addition to attaining 136% of her goal in the first year, Trisha formed exceptionally strong bonds with her customers. The bonds were so strong that, at their own expense, her customers introduced and encouraged Trisha to make her next career move to VMWare where she still works today.

In less than a year, she moved from Client Executive to Strategic Account Executive.  In this role, Trisha coordinated the inside and outside sales teams’ strategies to drive the deployment of VM Solutions deeper into customer organizations.  Trisha is especially proud of VMware’s disruptive innovation and commitment to a reduced carbon footprint.  

It was here, four years ago, as a part of the Global Account Team working with the Walt Disney Family of Companies, when Trisha met and collaborated with Tony Motto, then the Global Staff Technical Account Manager for Disney. 

Tony is now the Chief Operating Officer for Sollensys. 

May of 2019, Trisha was promoted to a Networking, Security & Automation Sales Specialist overseeing the Florida Enterprise Account.  Her job is to work closely with customers to understand what problems their companies are trying to solve and then figure out the software architecture that will give them the secure, agile solution they need to achieve their goals.

It was during this time that Tony brought her to the Palm Bay, Florida Community Fab Lab led by Don Beavers. A mother of two, Trisha was especially moved by Don’s passion for mentoring the Fab Lab kids. Fab Labs, born out of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, are nonprofit, STEM learning centers. Don was equally impressed by Trisha’s wealth of expertise in database virtualization and her passion for disruptive technologies. This mutual appreciation made Trisha a natural fit for the Sollensys Advisory Board. 

“I jumped on board with Sollensys as an advisor because I know that Don and Tony genuinely care; they want to create solutions to protect the people behind the companies from cyber attacks.”

Patricia Malone

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