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Sollensys Corp Advisory Board Spotlight: Ed Moore

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Meet Sollensys Corp™ Board Advisor Ed Moore - Certified Financial Planner ™, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist.

A Passion for Emerging Technologies

One of Ed Moore’s crowning achievements as a CFP practitioner was an honorable mention in an obituary.  The deceased had been a client of his for 25 years.  Her four daughters, then clients themselves, included Ed in their mother’s obituary as a tribute to all he had done for her and the family.  

There is a tremendous amount of satisfaction working with a family to help them plan for a future you get to see come into existence, to help them plan for their kids to go to school and then watch those kids grow up, go to school, get married and start families of their own. 

– Ed

Ed got his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, or Virginia Tech.  He worked as an Industrial Engineer for a couple of years at Burlington Industries where he learned how to improve efficiency in processes, specifically just in time manufacturing techniques.  Ed was also responsible for creating an annual budget with his team; one of his significant contributions was automating this process.    

While Ed enjoyed the technical aspects of engineering, after 3 years he decided to pursue his true passion and make a career shift into finance.   

Ed began studying the stock market and investing as a teen.  Every day after school, he would hurry home to read the newspaper – first the sports page and then stocks.  His family didn’t have the money to invest at the time but he frequently dreamt of the day when he could invest in stock such as McDonald’s or IBM.   

But Ed didn’t want to be a stockbroker.  He was more interested in helping people create a stable, holistic financial wellbeing and future.    That’s what drew him to Waddell & Reed, one of the few financial firms pioneering a new field known as financial planning.  At that time in 1986, finances were segregated and handled by varying professionals.  Waddel & Reed were changing that and Ed was thrilled to be a part of this exciting new field of integrated finances.

At Waddell & Reed Ed learned how to collaborate with families by establishing deep and meaningful relationships.   He began his new career at age 26 and by the time he turned 28 Ed was a manager – responsible for an entire office, overseeing 15 financial planners.     

It was at an International Association for Financial Planning conference while working for Waddell & Reed that Ed met Ric Edelman.   Ric was giving a presentation to the group and Ed connected with him afterwards. After several months of discussion, Ric gave Ed an offer he couldn’t refuse and   Ed became employee number six at Edelman Financial Services in Fairfax, Virginia. He moved his wife, his then 2 year old daughter and his dog into a 12 X 12 room in the basement of his in-laws home where he stayed for the next year while he established himself. He became a CFP practitioner in 1991, and worked advising hundreds of families with whom he would form strong bonds.   

As the firm grew, Ed moved on to assume leadership roles within the company.  He was President for over 25 years, served on Edelman’s Board of Directors and was a member of the Investment Committee.  At the time of his retirement, the company had grown from 6 to nearly 1,500 employees with 140 offices throughout the United States.  Ed was responsible for the training and the development of hundreds of these advisors.  

It was his experience and passion for mentoring other practitioners that earned Ed a seat as a Director on the CFP Board, the governing body of 85,000 Certified Financial Planners nationwide.

Ed is also the Treasurer and a Board Member for BritePaths. BritePaths is a nonprofit that empowers struggling families and individuals to not only become self-sufficient but to build a better future for themselves.  They do this by offering a financial literacy program coupled with pro bono life skills counseling – from healthy eating seminars to creating budgets using excel.  In addition to being an integral part of the program’s design and donating, Ed also offers his expertise as a financial counselor.      

Now retired, Ed has more time to focus on his passion – championing companies innovating with emerging technologies.  That is what drew him to the Blockchain Archive Server™.  Ed believes nothing will revolutionize technology in the coming years more so than blockchain.  He is thrilled to have the opportunity to utilize his expertise in finance and growth strategy to help navigate the Sollensys journey.

I invited Ed to be on our advisory board because he’s a man of experience, integrity, and action. His experiences in the world of finance will prove to be a great asset for our shareholders. He is a serious and sincere professional that will be able to help us navigate through both good times and difficult situations. We are lucky to have him as a member of the team.

– Don Beavers, Sollensys Founder & CEO

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